jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Description and solution for Physical Bullying

It includes corporal actions such as punches, pushes, kicks, locking up, damage to personal things, etc.
It is the typical way to make bullying. It is noticed because it may let seen scars or hematoma in the body of the bullied. While the person grows up the bullying gets more violent than before as the (mostly in men) and with an explicit intention to hit in a specific place of the body.

This kind of bullying and the others are not only seen in the school, also in the job, in public spaces, even in the family.
Nowadays many teenagers are afraid to go to school and see their classmates. But the reality is that bullying is not a worry only of the bullied person, also is a problem for teachers, adults and parents as they do not know how far bullying get. Extreme bullying can be really difficult to resolve as the aggressor has got an incredible psychological authority and doesn’t even mind or care about the other person’s life. The aggressor also may don’t even care about the adults advices or consequences that the bullying may cause.
In the worst cases bullying can make the bullied person life miserable, it can even cause the bullied one to think about killing the aggressor or suicide as they feel as they are nobody.

People should think as if they were the bullied people because it’s a problem for everybody, bullies must be stopped for every bullied person.

 Posted by: Jose Alejandro Posso

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