miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012

The constant criticism the humiliated or the suffer or threats in the workplace can be more worse than the sexual harassment.

too much things are already said about bullying at the schools or the universities but little you listening about the bullying at the work.

Are many things that are including in the workplace bullying, someone of them are:

- Personal threats

 - Derogatory comments

 - Public humiliation

 - Bullying Tactics

 - Verbal Abuse

 - Exclude you about meetings or discussions

-        Excessive demands, impossible deadlines or unreasonable demands

Usually bullies both at school and in the workplace are those people that their own insecurities tend to intimidate and humiliate their "objective"  in the hope of maintain a certain power or status.

But specifically the workplace bullying occurs of the executives or directors to the employees.

post by: valeria diaz

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