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The constant criticism the humiliated or the suffer or threats in the workplace can be more worse than the sexual harassment.

too much things are already said about bullying at the schools or the universities but little you listening about the bullying at the work.

Are many things that are including in the workplace bullying, someone of them are:

- Personal threats

 - Derogatory comments

 - Public humiliation

 - Bullying Tactics

 - Verbal Abuse

 - Exclude you about meetings or discussions

-        Excessive demands, impossible deadlines or unreasonable demands

Usually bullies both at school and in the workplace are those people that their own insecurities tend to intimidate and humiliate their "objective"  in the hope of maintain a certain power or status.

But specifically the workplace bullying occurs of the executives or directors to the employees.

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jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Description and solution for Physical Bullying

It includes corporal actions such as punches, pushes, kicks, locking up, damage to personal things, etc.
It is the typical way to make bullying. It is noticed because it may let seen scars or hematoma in the body of the bullied. While the person grows up the bullying gets more violent than before as the (mostly in men) and with an explicit intention to hit in a specific place of the body.

This kind of bullying and the others are not only seen in the school, also in the job, in public spaces, even in the family.
Nowadays many teenagers are afraid to go to school and see their classmates. But the reality is that bullying is not a worry only of the bullied person, also is a problem for teachers, adults and parents as they do not know how far bullying get. Extreme bullying can be really difficult to resolve as the aggressor has got an incredible psychological authority and doesn’t even mind or care about the other person’s life. The aggressor also may don’t even care about the adults advices or consequences that the bullying may cause.
In the worst cases bullying can make the bullied person life miserable, it can even cause the bullied one to think about killing the aggressor or suicide as they feel as they are nobody.

People should think as if they were the bullied people because it’s a problem for everybody, bullies must be stopped for every bullied person.

 Posted by: Jose Alejandro Posso

Psychological Bullying:

Psychological bullying is most difficult to detect, because is a way to assault, to threaten, or to leave someone apart, that are made in the back of someone that could warm the situation, that is why the bully can be unknowing. The psychological bullying could be an angry look, a gesture and things like that
This type of bullying does not include physical aggression, but is not less important than this, because the people can suffer the same or more, the bullied feel down, depress and does not want to do nothing, because they are scared of being humiliated.
It is very important to know that this type of bullying hurts; it hurts the people, because the bullies humiliate the bullied.
There are a lot of people killing themselves because of the bullying, this is a real situation and we most stop it, today maybe is not you, but tomorrow, it might be you, your friend or maybe your sister or brother.
There are a lot of people in this moment suffering because they think they are nothing, but that is not the truth, every single people in this world is very important, we all worth it, we are all a big family and we have to protect each other.
We must STOP THE BULLYING, because it is affecting a lot of people; people that we love, that we care about.
If you know about someone that is being bullied, you must support him or her until they pass thru that situation.
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When you think about bullying the first image that comes to your mind is about a bigger student that is threating a nerd or a one group of gossip girls that invent many rumors about a girl that is less popular someone less popular, but the reality is that many adults suffer daily bullying their workplaces.
The bullying at the work is not only seen in men`s can also see in women´s, but the people that are more exposed to this phenomenon are the new employees.
In this manner, you’re meaning is related with behaviors like: intimidation, threats, physical abuse, humiliated in public, social rejection and blackmail.
Bullying can cause a low in the work performance of the employees, about a 60% per worker.
The term bullying can be defined like an abuse severe which can compromise the health of an employee, and also can compromise your worker career.
In another words the workplaces bullying is that behavior abusive that make the others employee feel uncomfortable and that have a negative impact in the life of the employee inside and outside workplace.
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As you know cyber-bullying is a new phenomenon, resulting from technological breakthroughs. This is done through emails, blogs, personal pages, chat rooms, mobile phone, though, calls and text messages. All these ways and tools to make the cyber bullying, given the opportunity to send messages from the anonymity that consist of threats, slurs, profanity and various forms of communication aggressive and violent.

There are three main types of cyber bullying:

-Bullying among adults. The victim and cyber bully are adults, and usually is make to do some types of threatened about “settling of scores”.

 -Sexual Harassment: Usually consist in an adult who makes sexual purposes to children’s, saying that she or he is an other children that want to be her/his friend, or to making that the victim fall in love whit they, by the way the children’s send photos, say information to the accuser etc. (harassment of pedophiles to children).
-Bullying among one child or a group of students that bullied other child via internet and social networks, making the harassment public and anonymity.

While a person is cyber-bullied it suffers, but if after a big time of being bullied, it continues the person begin to have more dangerous problems, because it affects the physical integrity of the person.

The cyber bully feels in a position of power from the anonymity that is perceived as being "online". During that time it collect all possible information about his victim, in those aspects that are part of his private life and after the stalker obtain this information is when starts the process of harassment, If the harasser is really a depraved person and / or sick his motivation for harassment always revolves around sexual harassment, love obsession, hatred, envy, revenge, or the inability to accept rejection.

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jueves, 23 de febrero de 2012

Physical Bullying

The physical bullying is a problem that usually is found in schools or society places.
When a person is physically abused, it means that they joke about a person’s body or physical characteristics.
Other physical bullying kind of, is that abusers hit the bullied one combined with words and jokes making him to feel bad.
Sometimes a person that has received many physic bullying answers to it in a bad way, like responding the same way he was treated as seen in the video:

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The cyber bullying is a type of bullying made via social networks, is the use of internet and related technologies to harm other people. Most of the people how is affected or are victims of the cyber-bullying finish with big troubles in their lives, and psychological problems.
Almost most of the times that cyber-bullying occurs is when a group of person that in the real live or in the daily life want to joke about a person, and the way that this persons do it is by the facebook, twitter or other social networks, making it public, because is easier to bully in cyberspace than it is to bully face to face.
With cyberbullying a bully can pick on people with much less risk of being caught, and cyberspace bullies can enlist the participation of other students who may be unwilling to bully in the real world.
There are many ways to make cyberbulliyng, the most common ways are: vicious forum posts, name calling in chat rooms, posting fake profiles on web sites, and mean or cruel email messages. 
Posted By: Valentina Gomez Cadavid