jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012


As you know cyber-bullying is a new phenomenon, resulting from technological breakthroughs. This is done through emails, blogs, personal pages, chat rooms, mobile phone, though, calls and text messages. All these ways and tools to make the cyber bullying, given the opportunity to send messages from the anonymity that consist of threats, slurs, profanity and various forms of communication aggressive and violent.

There are three main types of cyber bullying:

-Bullying among adults. The victim and cyber bully are adults, and usually is make to do some types of threatened about “settling of scores”.

 -Sexual Harassment: Usually consist in an adult who makes sexual purposes to children’s, saying that she or he is an other children that want to be her/his friend, or to making that the victim fall in love whit they, by the way the children’s send photos, say information to the accuser etc. (harassment of pedophiles to children).
-Bullying among one child or a group of students that bullied other child via internet and social networks, making the harassment public and anonymity.

While a person is cyber-bullied it suffers, but if after a big time of being bullied, it continues the person begin to have more dangerous problems, because it affects the physical integrity of the person.

The cyber bully feels in a position of power from the anonymity that is perceived as being "online". During that time it collect all possible information about his victim, in those aspects that are part of his private life and after the stalker obtain this information is when starts the process of harassment, If the harasser is really a depraved person and / or sick his motivation for harassment always revolves around sexual harassment, love obsession, hatred, envy, revenge, or the inability to accept rejection.

Posted By: Valentina Gomez Cadavid

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