jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012


When you think about bullying the first image that comes to your mind is about a bigger student that is threating a nerd or a one group of gossip girls that invent many rumors about a girl that is less popular someone less popular, but the reality is that many adults suffer daily bullying their workplaces.
The bullying at the work is not only seen in men`s can also see in women´s, but the people that are more exposed to this phenomenon are the new employees.
In this manner, you’re meaning is related with behaviors like: intimidation, threats, physical abuse, humiliated in public, social rejection and blackmail.
Bullying can cause a low in the work performance of the employees, about a 60% per worker.
The term bullying can be defined like an abuse severe which can compromise the health of an employee, and also can compromise your worker career.
In another words the workplaces bullying is that behavior abusive that make the others employee feel uncomfortable and that have a negative impact in the life of the employee inside and outside workplace.
Posted by: Valeria Diaz

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